EZ Dock is durable and designed to last. It is built from thick low density virgin polyethylene with UV inhibitors providing superior resistance to temperature extremes. Minimum wall thickness is 1/4 inch creating tremendous structural integrity. It takes 1950 lbs./sq. inch to puncture.

Tremendous load bearing capacity! 62.5 lbs./sq. ft.- (2000 pound capacity on the 40″ x 10′ section and 3000 pound capacity on the 5′ x 10′ and 80″ x 10′ sections)

EZ Dock is more stable than traditional floating docks because of the individual floatation chamber design which traps air in chambers underneath the entire unit. This creates a vacuum effect between the dock and the water providing uniform stability throughout the entire dock even in heavy wind and wave conditions.

Dock sections cannot sink! If the main chamber were flooded, freeboard would only be reduced by approximately 2 inches. Each interior pylon would continue to support approximately 55 lbs. (which means the 5′ x 10′ section would support 495 lbs.)


Dock sections are assembled with dog bone shaped couplers made with 90%+ recycled materials. These couplers have 4000 lbs. shear strength and are designed to allow sections to move independently under extreme stress yet provide structure stability. Since they allow some flex, they absorb the shock instead of the dock in rough water conditions and eliminate fatigue problems common to other floating designs.


The EZ Port self-floating PWC lift allows you to dry dock your PWC with simple drive on boarding and push off launching – no winching, cranking, pumping or hoisting is required.

The EZ Port self-floating boat lift system can be utilized where many traditional lift systems fail and provides a great dock as well. It can accommodate a wide variety of fiberglass v-hulled boats and because it floats, it can be used where broad water level changes occur and where lake, river or tidal water beds are soft or shallow. Simply hook up – winch up – and you are done!


Whether you use submerged deadweights, PVC pipe, galvanized steel pipe, stiff arms or standard pilings, EZ Dock floating dock systems may be utilized in all waterways including tidal waters and strong current situations.

EZ Dock sections can rest on mud flats during low tides and will become buoyant in as little as a couple inches of water.


EZ Dock accessories provide the option of adding an EZ Dock floating dock system to an existing fixed dock.

Create your dream dock utilizing our gangways, various railing styles, bumpers, benches, cleats, slides, curbing, edging, storage boxes, ladders, corner pieces, utility channels and more.


EZ Dock is environmentally safe and utilizes a patented hollow design that eliminates the need for foam or use of products treated with harsh chemicals.

EZ Dock allows light to penetrate through so that natural vegetation remains undisturbed.


EZ Dock products do not rust or splinter, nor do they have any sharp edges or lumber components that rot out and need to be periodically replaced.

EZ Dock products are not harmed by gas or oil nor will they deteriorate from exposure to light or extreme temperatures.

As a floating dock, EZ Dock is always at the right height in the water and is maintenance free other than occasional cleaning with soap and water.

EZ Dock sections can usually be repaired on-site by heat welding if they are ever damaged.


EZ Dock does not retain heat like traditional wooden docks so it stays cool to the touch even in high temperatures.


EZ Dock has special texturing and grid patterns to provide a non-skid walking surface. In fact, the surface becomes 30% more skid resistant when it gets wet!


EZ Dock comes in several different sizes which may be easily connected with a few simple hand tools to configure an endless array of dock layouts.

You can create your dream dock now and easily change it in the future if your waterfront needs change.


All EZ Dock floatation pieces have an 8 year limited warranty with a life expectancy of 25 – 30 years. All EZ Dock accessories have a 1 year limited warranty.